The Melbourne Space Laboratory  welcomes both professional and academic staff with a number of exciting opportunities.

Employment Opportunities

MSL is not currently hiring, but please check back.

On-going Opportunities

There are a wide range of research and study opportunities available with the Melbourne Space Lab.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Postdoctoral  fellowships are available within the Melbourne Space Lab in wide ranging research areas, and are advertised through the University of Melbourne careers pages.

Student Internships

Internships for University of Melbourne students are available upon request to high achieving Physics or Engineering students. Past internships have contributed to the research and development of technologies used by MSL. Some notable past projects include:

  • Low cost inspection photography for nanosatellites, focussing on rapid integration for missions.
  • Thermal control of nanosatellite payloads via thermal-electric cooling.
  • Development of innovative thermal strap technologies.
Laby Research Program

The Laby Research Program is available to second or third year University of Melbourne students who are considering enrolling in postgraduate studies within the school of Physics and wish to gain research experience.

Laby Research Program →

Contact the Melbourne Space Lab

If you would like to discuss any of the available opportunities with us, please contact MSL below.

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